Bakgården i Revsund | Contact
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Opening times are flexible to suit our customers. We have fresh bread at least one time a week, mostly Fridays. In the meantime, we store bread in the freezer. Give us a call before you arrive to make sure we are at home or if you want your bread piping hot from the stone oven. We also sell our light beers, honey from our own beehives and some jams and marmelades that we make from fruit or berries in the garden. Our restaurant don’t have regular opening hours. You have to make an inquiry first. Call us at 076-8356408 (Kerstin).



If you want to pay a visit you will have to drive from Gällö to Revsund 7 km. You drive through the village. 1,5 km after you passed the church, there is a sign Bakgården. Turn right and drive another 600 m.


Kerstin’s phone 076-8356408
Gustav’s phone 070-6489774