Bakgården i Revsund | What’s on
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  • Apart from catering, bread baking, beer brewing and taking care of our guests, Gustav plays trumpet with Pdanjelsa.
  • October 19-20, we’ll sell our beers at the Nolia Beer Festival in Umeå.
  • November 4, Gustav is holding a beer brewing course for beginners. Read more about it here. Full!!!
  • November 11, Kerstin is holding a course in sourdough bread baking. Read more about it here..
  • December 1-16, we are hosting ”julbord” at Revsundslogen with lots of Swedish traditional food along with our own beers and spirits. It’s now open for reservations. Make sure to get a place by calling Kerstin at 076-8356408 or send her an email: